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By Prof. Dr. Louis Ignarro,
Nobel Prize Winner of Medicine in 1998
Our bodies contain 6 trillion endothelial cells, which line 60,000 miles of blood vessels in a single layer. Together, those 6 trillion cells make up an organ known as the endothelium, which is one of the largest organs in the human body. But how does the endothelium relate to cardiovascular function?

Healthy endothelial cells produce a naturally-occurring molecule called Nitric Oxide, also known as NO. NO is crucial to your well-being and, specifically, your cardiovascular system. In fact it is now known as one of the most significant molecules in the body.
But why is NO production so crucial?

• It causes vasodilation, or the opening or widening of the blood vessels; in turn, vasodilation enhances delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Let’s pretend your endothelium is a factory whose major function is producing NO, and…

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