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How to Boost Child’s Immune System

found at: Healthy Lifestyle, Oct. 25
Most important factor in boosting child’s immune system is, of course, the nutrition. Another one is having enough sleep and healthy activities. Having a strong immune system is especially important during autumn and winter. Since the cold days are coming, kids spent most of their time indoors where it’s easier to get infection. Their immune system is still under development and that lasts until they reach age of 12. Therefore, we must give our best to boost their immune system through the proper nutrition and activities.

Winter and autumn is convenient period for spreading respiratory infections. These infections are usually caused by rhinovirus, which has more than 100 strains , so after infection , acquired immunity works for only one, certain, type of virus.

Boost Kids Immune System!

Well, How to Boost Child’s Immune System? There are several things parents can do to…

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