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Health and Fitness

As per WHO figures, average US$ 1027 per capita was spent for health expenditures in 2011. if we look at the figures of developed countries, USA spends per capita 8607.9 USD, Canada spends 5629.7 USD and similar are figures of many other developed countries. In most of the poor African and Asian countries health spending is less than 30 USD per capita. Due to poor economic conditions these countries are not in position to spend much on healthcare. The results of low spending is diseases, famines, disabilities and deaths. The list of countries with poorest healthcare systems is as follows:-

S/No Countries

(Worst to Better)

Life Expectancy


Health Expenditure

(% of GDP)

Health Expenditure

(US $)

1. Sierra Leone 56.98 18.8 68.5
2. Myanmar (Burma) 65.2 2 22.5
3. Central African Republic 50.90 3.8 11.9
4. Congo (Democratic Republic) 56.14 8.5 19.7
5. Nigeria 52.46 5.3 79.6
6. Liberia 57.81

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