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Want to tone up you glutes? Give this incredible glute shaping workout a try. I’m Samantha Clayton, Director of Fitness at Herbalife and I’m here to help you enjoy an active, healthy life.

Today, I want to share six exercises that target the biggest and most powerful muscle in the lower body: your glutes! I’m often asked about my glute building secrets, so I’m going to share some of my favorite glute toning moves with you.

In this workout, we will do the following moves:
-Multi-directional squat with bar
– Split squat to knee then to chest with foot on bench
-Box jumps
-Curtsey squats
-Hands and knees position, dumbbell heel to glute raise (bootie lift)
-Hands and knees position, heel to glute side lift

Try doing 12 reps of each exercise, and repeating the circuit twice.

If you’re not ready for an entire glute-focused routine, add some or all of these moves into your workout on two days of the week. I recommend doing a fast running session once a week in an interval style, alternating a full speed 15 second run with a 30 second jog. Repeat this a total of 8 times combined with a warm-up and cool-down for a perfectly balanced glute blasting workout.

Remember, we all have different body types and our shape is created by a combination of genetics and lifestyle choices. If your aim is to build muscle in this area, you must ensure that you combine your workouts with good overall nutrition, paying special attention to your protein consumption.


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