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Find out how to get sexy legs! This workout pays attention to an often-neglected body area — the lower legs! In this video, Herbalife fitness expert and former competitive athlete, Samantha Clayton shows you exactly how to achieve sexy, defined legs with six easy-to-master fitness moves.

In this video, Samantha demonstrates a focused routine that targets the lower legs. All you need is a medicine ball, a bench, and a weighted plate or heavy dumbbell. You’ll see how to work through these fun yet effective exercises:

– Ankle flexibility circles
– Seated calf raises
– Plank position calf walk out
– Single leg calf raises
– Medicine ball roll out
– Bunny jumps

You can do this focused routine on its own, or as part of your overall workout routine. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, and always cool down with some simple stretches!


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