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“The trails of the world be countless, and most of the trails be tried; You tread on the heels of the many, till you come where the ways divide;And one lies safe in the sunlight, and the other is dreary and wan,But you look aslant at the Lone Trail, and the Lone Trail lures you on.” – Robert W. Service

That was the general idea. The doing of something different, not necessarily for the sake of being different, but because we thought the best way to express our individuality, and the only way we could really enjoy life, was to refuse to be satisfied with the commonplace.

But to do that you have to pay a price, of sorts, as the poem goes on to say:

“Bid good-bye to sweetheart, bid good-bye to friend,
The Lone Trail, the Lone Trail follow to the end.
Tarry not and fear not, chosen of the true;
Lover of the Lone Trail, the Lone Trail waits for you.” – Robert W. Service

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– Brian Tracy


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