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Global Heart Health Month: How You Can Help Save Lives

By  • February 13, 2014 • 

Global Heart Health Month

Some people think of February as the month of love; others think of it as just an extension of a long winter.

To me, February is about heart health.

When February arrives each year, I consider the millions of people who die annually from heart disease, with a projected 23.3 million heart disease-related deaths annually by 2030. And I reflect on how 90 percent of those deaths could have been prevented, simply by lifestyle alterations. That’s a staggering amount of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and other loved ones who could still be here today, if they had just been educated about heart health and followed the lifesaving steps for getting their hearts healthy.

We already have several countries making great strides toward raising awareness. America, for example, has American Heart Month every February. Other countries are devoting days each year to the issue. But there’s currently no large, organized effort to unite the world in battling the number one killer of men and women globally: heart disease.

That’s why I’m proposing the first ever Global Heart Health Month.

Earlier this month, I urged people all over the world to begin a movement to start Global Heart Health Month. People are joining in, and their efforts are encouraging! My colleague Dr. Myers and I held a Twitter party last week, and the participation and energy focused on nutrition is a great start on igniting change around the world.

Heart health is such an important issue, and it deserves the global spotlight once a year. One day isn’t enough; we need an entire month of education, awareness-building and rallying against this devastating killer. Will you join me? Here are a few ways you can help save lives:

  • Watch and share the heart health video. Tweet, share or e-mail this video on heart health. It just may save a life.
  • Tweet your story. Share your heart health story, inspiration or goals with me on Twitter using #heartmission. I retweet inspiring messages to my Twitter followers!
  • Share the endothelial story. A healthy heart starts with a healthy endothelium. Tell your friends, family and social media network about endothelial health by sharing this article: “Why Endothelial Health Is Wealth.”

Thank you for your continued support and commitment toward the important issue of eradicating heart disease around the world. Let’s keep the Global Heart Health Month movement going!

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