HERBALIFE: Physical and financial Wellness for everyone!

SASA- Herbalife Independent Distributor

Hey, friends, I’m Sabrina (friends call me SASA) from Germany.
I live on beautiful Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea.
I love travelling, have been to 53 countries around the world so far.
I also lived in France, Monaco/Monte Carlo and Morocco.
I speak 5 languages, I’m cosmopolitain, curious, ambitious and success- focussed.
I love personal development and people,
who are willing to constantly work on themselves to become a BETTER PERSON.

You want to know some more about my job?
Since 1994 I’ve been an Independent Herbalife Distributor, helping people to CHANGE their lives for a better HEALTH, physical and financial well- being.

If you have read so far and want to get to know me better or want to know more about our phantastic Herbalife products and how to live your life at the FULLEST thanks to Herbalife, welcome to message me! And maybe we will see each other at the next Herbalife event, working with FUN in a great
T.E.A.M.= Together Everyone Achieves More!
since 1994
USA: 001- 213 98 49 377
Italia: 0039- 346 24 52 282
Deutschland: 0049- 5233 70 93 696
Skype: sabrinaefabio

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