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VIDEO: Are banana chips a healthy snack? | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice


Are banana chips a healthy snack? | Herbalife Healthy Eating Advice

Bananas are a nutritious fruit because they’re rich in fiber and potassium but keep in mind once deep fat fried you may not get the same nutrients. Registered dietitian, Susan Bowerman, gives you the nutrition breakdown on banana chips.

Many manufacturers deep fat fry banana slices to achieve the crunchy texture of banana chips. A serving of banana chips (about 1 cup) is the same number of slices you’d get if you cut up a large banana. Let’s compare the nutrition facts of both.

One cup of banana chips has:
• 420 calories
• 28 grams of fat
• 22 grams of sugar

A regular large banana has:
• 120 calories
• 1/2 a gram of natural fat
• 17 grams of natural sugar

Snacking on banana chips can help you get vitamins and minerals in your diet but, keep in mind the fat, sugar, and calories that may be lurking in this favorite snack.

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